Truck Mounted Cranes for Sale in USA


Although initially one of the leading truck crane companies in Canada, Technocrane Inc. also ships their line of compact cranes to the USA and Central America – most cranes are in-stock and shipped next day at very reasonable prices.

The BIGMAX TC series cranes are strong and light weight with hexagonal boom construction and can lift up to 5,300 pounds.  TC100 is the smallest. This compact crane has proportional controls for all functions including lifting, slewing, and extending.   There is also one extra fourth control function which can be used for winches, hydraulic outrigger stabilizers, etc.

A Bigmax TC100 stows completely in just over two square feet of deck area making it one of the best features of its compact design.  The boom, which extends to 9.2 ft from the center line of rotation, retracts to only 3.9 ft. and can lift 1,760 lbs at this point.  With the small footprint of this crane, it makes it possible to mount inside the doorway of a van to swing a load in or out.  With the boom in a horizontal position, the TC-100 will also lift in an overhead space of only 5.5 feet above the surface of the deck.  This TC100 telescopic crane can be installed on a vehicle as small as a 1/2 ton truck.

Truck Crane Mounted in Van

Truck Crane Mounted in Van

Compact hydraulic truck mounted cranes have been an excellent choice for work in aviaries, inside vans, for light delivery vehicles,on mining vehicles and other applications where the equipment must operate in very tight spaces.

If you would like to be a qualified hydraulic truck crane dealer in California, Oregon, Washington and Texas – please visit the Technocrane wholesale cranes website at for inquiries.

For a crane quote or further information about these high quality cranes for sale, call toll free to 1-877-531-8644, Ext. 1 or email for a quick reply.


Hydraulic Truck Cranes for Sale in USA

Hydraulic Truck Cranes For Sale in USA – Available Now

As one of the leading North American hydraulic truck crane companies, Technocrane Inc. always carries a large variety of their specialized small cranes in-stock and ready to ship immediately.  They are known for their expertise with small cranes for use on trucks or boats and they always give small crane buyers the attention and service they deserve.

The BIGMAX TC Series of small hydraulic or electric truck cranes was launched in 2005. Although these articulated cranes are compact and light weight, they are also very rugged and easy to install. The cranes are capable of lifting up to 5,000 lbs. with hydraulic extensions up to 19.5 feet. They are available in hydraulic (PTO) or 12 V DC electric models and are suitable for mounting on 10,000-18,000 GVW trucks. Also available are the optional wireless (radio) controls which give a single person the ability to safely lift and place any large object within the length of the boom.

Some of the most appreciated features of the BIGMAX truck cranes are the ease of operation and safety features. Safe movement and precise placement of heavy objects due to the proportional controls is a big advantage for most operators.  Although commonly used as a truck crane, they are also widely used for a variety of applications such as on trailers, warehouse decks, small boats, marina docks and used as robotic arms in specialized equipment.

BIGMAX also provides an industry-leading two year warranty which makes this another excellent reason why these are a popular crane for sale in the USA or Canada. Excellent shipping rates can be quoted to your location.

Technocrane also carries various styles and sizes of their hydraulic outrigger stabilizers – they are also in-stock for immediate delivery with the cranes.

We are looking for truck crane dealers in California, Oregon, Washington and Texas.  For more information please call 1-877-531-8644, Ext. 1.