Hydraulic Equipment Distributors

Hydraulic Equipment Distributors

Hydraulic Equipment Distributors

You have an opportunity to double the value of your orders by selling BIGMAX cranes as well as the drive components.

Up to now your customers have purchased the hydraulics from you and the crane from another company. Why not sell your customers the crane as well?

You don't have to become a crane expert to get into the crane business. BIGMAX cranes are easier to select, sell and install than many of the sophisticated components you sell now.

Give us a call now to discuss how you can easily and profitably sell BIGMAX cranes.


  1. Provide your customers with the best compact telescopic and articulated cranes on the market.
  2. Make extra money with little effort or investment.
  3. Highly competitive wholesale prices.
  4. Receive free marketing materials and sales support.
  5. Selection and ordering assistance from friendly, knowledgeable staff.
  6. Fast delivery — most models shipped from stock within 24 hours.
  7. Freight savings of up to 50% anywhere in North America.
  8. Easy installation — mounting kits with detailed instructions are included.
  9. Technical support when you need it including installation and after sales assistance by e-mail or toll-free phone.
  10. Two year parts and labour warranty.

Cranes Can be a Profit Centre for Your Company!

For further information about BIGMAX dealership opportunities please call Ann Svendsen (VP, Technocrane) at 604-883-9851.